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My Travel Team : Shaurya , Priyanka and Kali
Author: Geetanjali Mukherjee
My Loving Mother Mrs P Neeta :
I am always thankful to my mother for believing in my dreams and supporting me thoroughly !!
Love You Maa !!

I am Geetanjali Mukherjee an IT professional . I live to travel and this travelling comes into my life through my Grandparents . My Grandfather (Late)(Retd.) Lt Col Pramod Kumar Mittal is my inspiration to explore all the spans of our beloved country . He always taught me how to explore new ventures and most importantly before finding new things around the Globe first explore our own Country .Till now I had explored more than 17 states of our country by Road Trips and will continue many more journeys in future !!

My Beloved Grand Parents (Late) Retd . Lt Col Pramod Kumar Mittal and (Late) Sarla Mittal